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-Ordering and Payment

There are several ways to order our products.

(1. You can pick from the list in the table below and pay via our Paypal shopping cart.

(2. You can email your choices and send payment via Paypal.

(3. You can mail payment and specify what you want (use of our Order Form is optional).

(4. We DO accept Purchase Orders from recognized institutions and businesses, so you can mail or email your purchase order. Please contact us first to be sure we will accept your Purchase Order. Email address is: payment (at) stellanova.com

Payment must be made in US dollars, so the best method to use for international orders is Paypal or an International Money Order. Shipping for international orders varies greatly depending on the destination country and the carrier used, so contact us for the shipping cost before making payment. For example, one cable to Europe is $14-$18 via airmail. We can only accept credit cards via Paypal at this time. Checks MUST be drawn on a US bank to avoid "collection fees". Please make checks payable to Charles Turner.

Our paypal address is: payment (at) stellanova.com

Our mailing address is: Charles Turner, 16140 Mangus Road, NW, Deming, NM 88030.

If you would like to use our order form and mail payment, download it HERE.

-Cable Price List

The Price List below works for US orders because the shipping and sales tax is automatically added. For international orders, see the further instructions below.


Price List
Item No. Description
Order Now
MS2014 mySKY Cable for LX200 Classic/GPS/ACF families - 25 ft coiled mySKY cable for LX200 family $18.00
MS2015 mySKY Cable for LX90, LXD55/75, ETX families - 25 ft coiled mySKY cable for ETX. LX90 families $18.00
MS2016 Skywatcher and Orion mounts that use the SynScan controller - 25 ft cable connector $20.00
MS2004 LX200/Classic/GPS/ACF & RCX400 to PC or Mac*- 25ft
MS2010 ETX, LX90, LXD55/75 to PC or Mac* - 25 ft
MS2007 All Nexstar to PC or Mac* - 25 ft
MS2005 Ultima 2000 to PC or Mac* - 25 ft
MS2012 Gemini to PC or Mac* - 25 ft
MS2004 Meade Magellan to PC or Mac* - 25 ft
MS2006 Encoder boxes (SkyVector, AstroMaster, NGCMax, etc) to PC or Mac* - 25 ft
MS2013 Celestron Programming Cable to PC - 14 ft
MS2001 Meade LX200/GPS RCX400 to Mac -12 ft
MS2009 Meade ETX, LX90, LXD55/75 to Mac -12 ft
MS2001 Meade Magellan to Mac - 12 ft
MS2002 Ultima 2000 to Mac - 12 ft
MS2003 Encoder boxes (SkyVector, AstroMaster, NGCMax, etc) to Mac - 12 ft
MS2008 All Nexstar to Mac - 12 ft
MS2011 Gemini to Mac - 12 ft

* Explanation of "PC or Mac" = Most laptop computers, for the past 12 years or so, do not have serial ports. Therefore, you need a USB to serial adapter. If you get a USB adapter with a PC style (9 pin connector), you can use it on either a Mac or a PC (as long as there are also drivers for the Mac). That means you can use the same PC sytle cable on either a PC or a Mac. If you need more information about the older style Mac only serial cables, click here.

To view your shopping cart, click here:

-Shipping Costs

Shipping and packaging costs in the US are a flat $7.00 for one or two cables. Orders of more than $50.00(3 or more cables) are $12.00. Six or more cables is a little more, but email for a cost quote. The flat rate is much easier to deal with than trying to calculate exact charges with each order. It works out to just cover the actual costs. Shipment is via US Postal Service or UPS/FedEx Ground. If you would like Overnight shipment, you should pay the extra cost or provide an Account Number that we can use for shipment. If you have a preference for shipping method, please let us know. Our email address is: info (at) stellanova.com

-International Orders

Payment in US Dollars is required because the banks charge more than the cost of a cable for "collection fees", sometimes as much as $50!!! Shipping to international destinations is also complicated because the costs vary so much from country to country. One cable to Europe is about $14-$18 via airmail, 2 cables to Europe is $18-$22. Please contact us via email for shipping costs.

To place an international order, please use the old fashion method of sending money via Paypal or send an International Money Order in US Dollars. You can calculate the cable cost from the table above and add shipping charges. Go to www.paypal.com and select "Send Money." The address to send money is: payment (at) stellanova.com Please send a confirming email with instructions. Our email address is: info (at) stellanova.com

-Additional Instructions

If you have a problem with a cable, you can return it for refund or replacement within 60 days. Every cable is tested, so bad cables do not happen very often. Sometimes people order the wrong cable or change their minds. We will issue a refund, less shipping costs when the product is returned. Our email address is: info (at) stellanova.com


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